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Meet The Sheep

Willow Vale Animals Sheep Rover


Hey there my name is Rover. Yes I know I'm a sheep not a dog but I think its because I follow everyone around. I'm always behind them so look out I could be behind you. I am a Valais Blacknose X sheep. Cute, cuddly and friendly.

Willow Vale Animals Sheep Milly


Hey everyone my name is Milly, nice to meet EWE. I am a very friendly sheep. If food is involved I will be at the front of the queue so you will easily recognise me.

Willow Vale Animals Sheep Coco


Hey there, I'm Coco the coloured Ryland. You will find me bouncing around the field like a Tigger. I'm the other one that looks like a teddy bear. I am also extremely friendly and always up for a cuddle.

Willow Vale Animals Sheep Betty


My name is Betty and as you can tell I'm a very elegant sheep. Well mannered, well behaved. A lot of people mistake me for Bonnie, but I'm much posher.

Willow Vale Animals Sheep Bonnie


Hello my name is Bonnie. I am a quiet, friendly and pretty Valais Blacknose X. I look a lot like my friend Betty.

Willow Vale Animals Sheep Snowball


Hello my name is Snowball. Mollie is my Mum, apparently I was very white when I was born. Like Mum I'm quiet but friendly and of course a sweetheart.

Willow Vale Animals Sheep Dinky


Dinky by name and by nature, but don't be deceived as I'm very busy and noisy. I am a Shetland Sheep and I love taking treats from you

Willow Vale Animals Sheep Patchpng

Patch & Splash

We are twins and look very much alike. Can you tell which is which? Because we can't! We are very friendly and would love to meet you.

Willow Vale Animals Sheep Sooty


Hi I'm Sooty, I am one of the older sheep here, although you wouldn't think so to look at me! I am very friendly and happy to say hello - even happier if sheep nuts are involved.

Willow Vale Animals Sheep John


Hey guys my name is John, you will know me as only having one horn - don't ask! But I am still very handsome, gentle and friendly. I am rather large but its all fluff really. Sooty is my Mum.

Willow Vale Animals Sheep Titch


Hi I'm Titch. Think you will see why I'm called that. I am a very cute and friendly Valais Blacknose X. I love cuddles and well any kind of attention really.

Willow Vale Animals Sheep Mollie


Hello there my name is Mollie and I'm such a sweetheart. I'm only little but I have a big personality. I am quiet but very friendly.

Meet and Greet Experience

As we take a stroll around the fields you will meet our friendly pet flock of different breeds.

Learn a bit about the individual breeds and their characteristics. Hand feed them and get to know their different personalities.

During the spring we usually have lots of lambs which remain with us throughout the summer months.

There will also be plenty of photo opportunities throughout the experience.

It is important to say that the sheep are free roaming and will often come very close. Sturdy footwear is also reccomended.

For more information and booking enquiries please Contact Us.

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