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Willow Vale Bridge View

Willow Vale

About Us

Willow Vale is a rural country smallholding of 10 acres located in a beautiful natural valley at Maperton in South Somerset.

If you have ever wanted to have a cuddle with a Donkey, walk with an Alpaca, hand feed a sheep or participate in agility with Goats then we can make this happen and more.

We offer small groups a supervised yet relaxed and personal visit tailored to you.

There are opportunities to meet and greet the Donkeys, perhaps give them a groom, which they love, or even take them for a walk around the field.

Get close to and hand feed our very friendly sheep, we have different breeds including Jacobs, Valais Blacknose X, Shetland and Coloured Ryland which look like Teddy Bears.

Also our wonderful Alpacas, the boys are very inquisitive and enjoy being taken for a walk. They will take feed from your hand and you can hear them humming to each other.

Being around an Alpaca is a beautiful experience and as they look into your eyes you can feel your heart melt.

The Pygmy Goats too, just love meeting people and going for a walk. They enjoy jumping on things so we can do "Goat Agility" which is a lot of fun.

Alpacas Feeding
Donkeys and Goats

After your Animal Experience, take some time to relax and enjoy the surroundings. We can provide light refreshments and the opportunity for you to bring a picnic.

There is a spring fed stream running through the centre of the property with native trees, woodland, a natural pond and the tall Willow Trees which dominate the site, giving the property its name.

Historically the vale used to consist of willow beds that were grown and harvested to make baskets and fencing.

Willow Vale Bridge
Willow Vale Pond
Willow Vale Wild Flowers

Wildlife is attracted to the site with Rabbits, Pheasants and Deer often seen in the fields.

Many different birds also live here, Red Kites and Buzzards soar above and the little Tree Creepers run up and down the willow trunks.

Water Voles make their home in the banks of the stream, if you are lucky you even hear a "plop" as they drop into the water, or see little sticklebacks darting around.

In Spring, Frogs, Toads and Newts lay their eggs in the pond. Dragonflies and Damsels are in abundance in the warmer months with many species to identify.

Just sitting on the bench by the pond for a short while, you will be amazed by what other creatures are making it their home.

The location has a really special feel and for anyone wanting to experience nature in a relaxed way it ticks all of the boxes.

We have cared for and maintained the property since 2011, creating the beautiful natural environment it is now. 

Introducing the animals, getting to know them and working with them has been a labour of love and we are excited to be able to share this with you.

We hope you will enjoy your visit and leave feeling inspired with a sense of wellbeing and joy.

Neil and Alison

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