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Meet The Alpacas

Willow Vale Animals Alpaca Dash


Dash is my name and as you can see I am rather "Dashing". I get my name from the white dash on my head.

I am very friendly, will take food off your hand and would love to go for a walk around the field.

Willow Vale Animals Alpaca Dobbie


Hi I'm Dobbie, I get told I have beautiful eyes. I am very inquisitive but can be a bit nervous so I like a bit of time. Then I am happy and will go for a walk and take a treat from your hand.

Willow Vale Animals Alpaca Bournville


Hello I'm Bournville, yes like the chocolate colour I am.

I'm not quite as confident as my friends but I do like to go for a walk and get to know you.

Walking and Hand Feeding Alpaca Experience

In addition to out "Meet and Greet Experience" we offer our "Alpaca Walking and Hand Feeding Experience".

Our 3 friendly Alpaca boys are naturally inquisitive and are all trained to hand feed and to wear a halter. 

After a short introductory talk to learn a bit about our boys you can give them a small feed where you can observe their personalities and then take them for a short supervised walk around the field which they really enjoy.

Walking with an Alpaca is a lovely experience for all, they are fascinating animals and you can ask as many questions about them as you like. There will also be plenty of opportunities to take your own photos throughout the experience.

You will be supervised at all times and briefed before doing so. It is important to know that although they look fluffy our Alpacas do not like to be cuddled or touched around their heads.

For more information and booking enquiries please Contact Us.

Animal Meet and Greet


Alpaca Walking & Hand Feeding Experience

£25 per adult

£20 per child (aged 5-12)


£40 for 2 people sharing an Alpaca for walking.

Duration: Approx 90 Minutes

* Please note our animal experiences are not suitable for children under the age of 5.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult when sharing an Alpaca.

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Willow Vale Alpacas
Willow Vale Alpacas
Willow Vale Alpacas
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